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ultimate do-it-yourself (DIY) guide to creative

Resumes for 14-19 Year Old Youth (teens)

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American Marketing Associates
Mission Statement

We will provide our clients with the highest quality, do-it-yourself (DIY)

        • creative resume guidelines,
        • cover-letter formats,
        • interviewing skills techniques,
        • career coaching guidance, and
        • job-leads sourcing.

Our mission is to provide timely, positive, and targeted published information, plus templates and/or materials, or assistance focusing particularly on: creative resume writing, effective interviewing skills , attention grabbing cover-letters, credible job-lead ideas, effective techniques for job-searching, and other relevant job-getting, career coaching, “tips” that might lead to job interviews and finally, a job offer.

A Commitment To Our Clients

We are committed to continually provide our clients with the latest developments, findings, and computer trends, relating to career-information services. Our goal: to support this plan with continuous research and evaluation of strategies gathered from current human-resource and personnel management resources.

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Resumes for 14-19 Year Old Youth
A do-it-yourself (DIY) workbook for teens (teenagers)

Table of Contents

Introduction 6-7
Supplemental Instructions
Job Objective
Work Experience – as a teen (teenager)
Volunteer Experience – as a teen (teenager)
Other Experience– as a teen (teenager)


Teens - Personal Resume Inventory
A 8-step Guideline to evaluating your work and other experience

Creating Winning Resumes  – as a teen (teenager)
Overview– for a teen (teenager, youth)  resume
The Resume Heading
Heading Examples

Job Objective Examples
13-different Job Objective examples, plus more on the sample resumes

Job-Titles – Company Name & Dates Worked
Heading Examples

“Achievement Statements” Techniques
What Is The AMA Method?
Think “Brochure”
Workplace Achievements– as a teen (teenager)
Non-Paid Achievements– as a teen (teenager)
Resume Examples
Resume Template Examples – as a teen (teenager)
Resume Draft sheets to be used for developing you own resume draft

The Last Word
Thank You…and…


The “You’re Hired” career guidance series

Creative Resumes, For Youth—

“ You’re Hired” KID, your ultimate guide to creative Resumes is a professional, DIY (do-it-yourself) resume guidance packet, developed specifically for youth, 14 to 19 years of age, for anyone at any age, who never been gainfully employed, or perhaps had only part-time, or brief full-time (summer’s for example) employment.

To lend credibility to this overview, you may also wish to review the history of the development of this series. To do this, click on “ About Us” and/or “You’re Hired” Series to read, or download background information. You can also click on “Products” then "Resume Workbook" to order this comprehensive, do-it-yourself (DIY) resume workbook for youth (teens - teenagers).

Regardless of your employment level, this workbook has been field-tested by American Marketing Associates (AMA) and proven to be highly effective for virtually all entry-level positions. The “ You’re Hired” Series of DIY (do-it-yourself), workbook programs has passed the test-of-time, and is now ready for you to use, time-and-time again over the years, as you career evolves.

Regardless of your field of employment, or whatever your interest and background, whether you only have academic experience, sports, church, club, or other experience, or if you have some job experience in wholesale or retail, industry or commerce, manufacturing or distribution, non-profit, construction, crafts, trades, sales, arts, landscaping, technical, medical, scientific, government activity, or whatever, this unique, “Your Hired” KID, your ultimate do-it-yourself (DIY) guide to creative resumes, will work for you.

This packet includes:

(1) a workbook of instructions, that includes an 8-step “Personal Inventory” guidance,

(2) in-depth explanations for each step, plus

(3) numerous resume template examples,

(4) illustrated examples of the formats for Section-Headings of your resume, and

(5) resume Draft Forms.

(see more items, noted below)

Most resumes fail because of , poor formatting design, and/or weak wording, or worse yet, simple listing of your “duties & responsibilities” for each job noted on your resume. This is very boring, yet, sad to say, it IS actually the information the majority of folks provide on their resumes. Even many resumes produced by so-called professional resume services fail because of these weakness.

In addition to the above, “your ultimate do-it-yourself (DIY) guide to creative Resumes,” also has:

(6) a unique, multi-page section of instructions on the Achievement Statements technique. These are techniques you use to develop wording and ideas/concepts that can truly make your resume sparkle with interest for a reader. These are also known as Accomplishment Statements  -  Power Statements – or even Puff Statements, meaning the idea of “blowing-your-own-horn.” This section also includes,

Using this mix of information and formatting, on YOUR resume, will give you a strong edge over your competition (and you are in competition when doing a job-search). Your resume will present points that show prospective employers what you can do for THEM.

You will create statements that go beyond, just “duties & responsibilities” and this technique is not based on sophisticated, clever wording, or $100 words. It is based on easily understood, 10-cent words, you use daily, to tell simple honest statements of fact. However, without the guidance of this information, you may not have known how to do it. Many “professionals” do not know either. Focus on this and you WILL see a difference?

Right from the beginning, “You’re Hired” your ultimate do-it-yourself guide to creative Resumes, workbook, guides you step-by-step, with easy to understand instruction, and with numerous, logically displayed examples provided to insure your success. You will use successful, proven formats and style concepts that can capture the attention and interest of prospective employers. In-depth field-testing, with managers and human resource (HR) professionals, is the source of the proof of the success of, do-it-yourself (DIY) workbooks.

In summary, all of the above statements mean you will receive proven, professional guidance for creating your own professional resume, and that is the very reason exists.

NOTE:  If you want go back to page #3, the Table of Contents page, you can see the headings for all of the sections that are included in this do-it-yourself (DIY) résumé workbook for youth (teens – teenagers).

For a complete list and reviews of ALL of the instructional You’re Hired” Series "Creative Cover-Letters”  workbooks, such as and “Job Interviewing (plus several others) click on “ Products.” Also click on “Free Stuff” to discover useful career-oriented materials free to read online, or for downloading.

And much, much more

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